giovedì 27 aprile 2017



                    Spring 2017

Great Vacation Packages!

Take advantage of our low season rates and get great discounts on our activities when you stay with us.  We also offer great prices for extended stays. Our comfortable 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments are located in a beautiful jungle setting, just 10 min from kiteboarding, paddleboarding and scubadiving locations. Come and experience it all! Please have a look at our for more information, Like us on facebook and see what we are up to at Casa Chachalaca.
Come and live your dream with us. Enjoy perfect flat water paddleboarding condition in the morning and kite to your heart's content in the afternoon with 20+ knots. Perfect location to learn or improve your kiteboarding or kitefoiling skills.  We have an incredible spot in a secret paradise only for the wind addicted.  Ask about accommodations or tranportation and follow us to paradise.

Get Ready for Brazil Again!

We are starting to put the calendar together again for Brazil.  Yes, this will be the 10th year! Hands down the Ceara province of Brazil has the best wind ever AND it is guaranteed. Possible locations for this year is TAIBA, with incredible waves, sick downwinds to Paracuro and a private lagoon just few steps from your room. If you don't believe us try it yourself. Call in sick, quit the job, break up with your partner.  Whatever you have to do to experience the freedom of downwinding it in Brazil!  If you are new to the sport, you won't believe how fast you progress when you have perfect conditions.  You will never be the same again after this experience.  Bring it on!
Extreme Control and No Mas Plastik working together to stop plastic pollution!

We are looking for innovative ways to control plastic polution from arriving to the beach , we had an amazing event this weekend at Casa Chachalaca involving the community in learning how to build "Smart Walls". These walls are made from plastic bottles filled with our non-recyclable plastic waste (wrappers, plastic bags ..) We have built a lovely planter for our organic garden.

Looking for a webdesigner

We are looking to make a trade!  We would like to give a facelift and promote our website and thought we would throw out this idea.  Anyone want to trade nights in Casa Chachalaca or kite lessons or a combo of both for some webdesign work??? The site is done in Joomla. Let's barter

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